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Seizing Opportunities, Advancing Despite Difficulties

  This is the second article written by Our Commentator on the principle for this year's work of the whole Party and state.

  We are faced with rare development opportunities as well as some difficulties and challenges.

  The opportunities confronting us are that an important turn is taking place in the domestic and international situation. The international environment formed by the world's polarization helps us to make use of every minute to press ahead with reform and construction. The development trend of economic globalization helps us to expand opening and introduce capital, knowledge and technology from across the world. Domestically, after 20 years of exploration, tempering and accumulation, our reform and opening cause, which is developing in breadth and in depth, has entered the course from quantitative change to qualitative change. This favorable turn will promote an all-round development of our cause. Opportunities exist objectively, the key lies in discovering, seizing and utilizing the opportunities.

  The difficulties facing us are that in recent years, the marked increase of uncertain factors in international economics and politics has brought us different degrees of negative influences on China's economic development. Since our country does not enjoy capital and technological advantages, the development trend of economic globalization has posed to us a new subject of preventing financial risk and safeguarding economic security. All these have brought still greater difficulties on China's foreign trade export and economic growth. Domestically, sluggish market demand and the serious duplicated construction of industrial projects over the many years past have resulted in a glut of low-level products, sharp contradiction in the economic structure, poor enterprise efficiency and increase in social employment pressure. We should face up to difficulties, the key lies in grasping the nature of difficulties, to do so it is imperative for us to have courage and measures to overcome difficulties.

  To Seize opportunities and advance despite difficulties, it is necessary to combine overcoming difficulties with displaying advantages, central government plans with regional and departmental realities, and implementation of the spirit of the central government with creative work, adhere to the fundamental standard for emancipation of the mind and the "three-beneficial" principle (beneficial to the development of productive forces, to the rise in people's living standards and to the enhancement of overall national strength), and, by relying on the overall strength and wisdom, on the strength and wisdom of the masses, cope with difficulties calmly, dare to make progress and constantly create new situations.


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