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Chinese Foreign Minister's Tour of Egypt

  *Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak Monday met with Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan, who conveyed to Mubarak a verbal message from Chinese President Jiang Zemin.

  Jiang Zemin said in the message that both China and Egypt have played a key role in promoting world peace and development, and made contributions to safeguarding the legitimate rights of the developing countries.

  China highly appreciates Egypt's contributions to and role in advancing comprehensive and just solution to the Middle East issue and securing the regional peace and stability, Jiang said.

  Mubarak said Egypt views China as a trustworthy friend and attaches great importance to developing friendly and cooperation relations with China in all areas.

  Egypt admires the great achievements China has made in the last two decades in all fields, he said, adding that he saw development and profound changes in China every time he visited the country.

  Tang Jiaxuan said that China and Egypt have carried out fruitful cooperation in politics, economics, science, technology and international affairs in their relations of nearly half a century.

  Egypt is a power in the Arab world and Africa, Tang said. He expressed China's readiness to boost long-term cooperation with Egypt as the 21st century approaches.

  The Chinese foreign minister arrived in Cairo Sunday on a three-day visit as part of an African tour, which will also take him to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia.

  *Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan said in Cairo on Monday that China appreciates its long-term friendly relations with Egypt, and is ready to further boost the bilateral ties.

  During a meeting with his Egyptian counterpart Amr Moussa, Tang said China and Egypt, two key developing countries, have many points in common, and the Sino-Egyptian relations are time-honored with a solid basis.

  Moussa expressed satisfaction with the development of the bilateral ties, saying that in the face of the rapidly changing situation and new challenges in the world, the two countries should enhance cooperation in economy, trade, agriculture, tourism and civil aviation.

  He called for continued and close consultations and coordination between the two countries in international affairs, including issues in Africa and the Middle East.

  During the day, Tang Jiaxuan also held talks with Arab League Secretary-General Esmat Abdel-Meguid. They exchanged views on the Middle East situation, especially the latest developments in the Mid-East peace process and Iraq.

  Abdel-Meguid spoke highly of China's continued support for the Arab world and its principled stand regarding the Middle East peace march.

  Tang voiced China's opposition to the use of force in dealing with international affairs, referring to the recent military attacks on Iraq by the United States and Britain.


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