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Jiang Observes Military Exhibition

  Chinese President Jiang Zemin attended a military achievements exhibition at National Defense University on January 5.

  Jiang, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, attended the exhibition along with a number of senior military leaders, including Zhang Wannian, Chi Haotian, Fu Quanyou, Yu Yongbo, Wang Ke, Wang Ruilin and Cao Gangchuan.

  He urged Chinese military academies to strictly adhere to the requirements of the new period and deepen educational reform.

  The Chinese military carried out a 1998 streamlining program which included downsizing forces by 500,000 men, and withdrawing from business activities. Military force also played a major part in the nation's victory over record summer flooding during the year.

  Jiang called for using science and technology to strengthen the military, as well as exerting greater efforts to improve the quality of military training.


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