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Persistently Sending Cultural, Technical & Medical Workers to Countryside

  The Circular, jointly issued recently by departments, such as the Publicity Department under the CPC Central Committee, the ministries of agriculture, culture and health, calls for conscientious implementation of the spirit of the Third Plenum of the 15th CPC Central Committee, the extensive and persistent launch of in-depth activity of organizing cultural, technical and medical workers to go down to rural areas to serve farmers, making this a means for developing the rural economy, prospering rural culture, rendering services for a better life for the farmers and promoting the drive for material construction and cultural and ethical progress in rural areas.

  The Circular puts forward the following five requirements:

  1. Comprehensively launching the activity of dispatching cultural, technical and medical workers to the countryside to serve farmers;

  2. Carefully organizing a series of concentrated activities capable of playing a significant promotional role;

  3. Placing particular stress on doing practical work for farmers in disaster- and poverty-stricken areas;

  4. Conscientiously upholding the successful experiences gained in this activity; and

  5. Further strengthening leadership over the work related to this activity.


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