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blank.gif  06/01/1999,  updated at 16:00       

Farmer Prolongs Contract on Land

ˇˇˇˇFarmer Ma Yungao with his family members are erecting a stone tablet denoting his "3,000 mu responsibility reclamation slope land" for which he has contracted at Jiaocheng Village nearby the town of Ningshaan County, Shaanxi Province. To open up the 3,000 mu expanse of barren slope land Ma has since 1995 put in over RMB$400,000 yuan to have a 6km long mountain road cut when seeing to it that his "responsibility" land be grown to Chinese chestnuts. Since last year Ma has come however to be rewarded by his "responsibility" slope land with an annual profit amount of over RMB$30,000 yuan. According to a late decision by a unanimous opinion of the Jiaochang Village Committee he is going to have to his name as an exception a longer contract period of 70 years over a 30 years contract period originally set.


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