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Health Minister on Reform of Health Service

  This report, titled "Guaranteeing People's Basic Right to Medical and Health Service", is written by Our Staff Reporters Li Xinyan and Bai Jianfeng.

  Health Minister Zhang Wenkang said, health work reform should first be guided by Deng Xiaoping's theory on the primary stage of socialism. China's health work must follow the road stressing "low input, high efficiency, low level and wide coverage", follow the health service development road with Chinese characteristics, and persistently serve the people and socialist modernization drive.The various health indexes China recorded over the past few years are placed in the front ranks of the developing countries, and some of which have approached the level of developed Western countries.

  Zhang emphasized that health reform must be adapted to the macro environment for the construction of the market economy and must not deviate from the objective reality by unduly emphasizing the particularity of the health undertaking.Reform can promote the development of health service only when it is compatible with the reality.From the perspective of the reform and development of the health work, the health undertaking in the primary stage of socialism must be coordinated with the national economic and social development.

  As agriculture is the foundation of the national economy, so health work must focus on the countryside and on guaranteeing the health of farmers.


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