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Development of Science and Technology Information Resources on the Rise in China

  According to a Study Project on Soft Sciences jointly undertaken by China Science and Technology Information Research Center, Peking University Information Management Department, Beijing Liberary, Qinghua University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Computer Net Information Research Center, in today's China there has been initially developed a wide information network in connection with the developement and use of digital information science and technology resources as of net and digital electronics. Focusing on a rigorous development of internet information services there have been given rise to many new information systems as of "ChinaInfo", "MachineInfo" and "ChemInfo" along with such large Chinese digital banks as "Digital Bank of Article Titles of Chinese Scientific and Technological Publications", "Digital Bank of China Patents Registration" and "Digital Bank of China Scientific and Technological Achievements" having been built in China. What is more, the Project shows that development of science and technology information resources has come to yield happy results. Early in 1995, China had an input-ouput ratio at as much high as 10:1 and when it came to 1997 this had been cut to 4:1.



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