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Shanghai Marketizes and Socializes Job-Training

ĦĦĦĦShanghai has adopted the method by which "the government purchases the training achievements" and introduces market-oriented and socialized job-training of laid-off workers. Over the past year it has trained 100,000 layoffs, comprehensively pushing labor forward into the market.

ĦĦĦĦIn recent years, some 540,000 laid-off workers of Shanghai have successively entered re-employment service centers. On the one hand, there are large numbers of laid-off workers, on the other hand, many newly-emerging industries are in urgent need of personnel, giving prominence to the structural crisis facing the labor market. To remedy this situation, Shanghai city has established job-training centers and linked up the city's training organizations and employment agencies through computer networks, and organized social forces to conduct job-training. Specifically, the method is adopted by which "the government purchases the training achievements". That is, after layoffs and the unemployed gained new jobs after going through training, the training expenses needed are paid by the government. At present, there are more than 300 training units including 40-plus institutions of higher learning that have entered the networks. Employment agencies issue training bid-inviting information on the net in accordance with the demand for personnel, training units submit tenders to the net. Once they win the bid, they will be entrusted by the government with training task. The trainees, after winding up their studies, will be recommended jobs by training units and employment agencies. This method has promoted the combination of training and employment, thus solving the problem of training not geared to employment. In last year alone, the city had trained 100,000 laid-off personnel, 50 percent of them had been re-employed.

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